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Fatal Collision on Sofia-Varna Road Claims Bulgarian and American Lives

A tragic accident on the main road between Sofia and Varna near Novo Selo in Veliko Tarnovo has resulted in a joint investigation by the district prosecutor's office. The collision involved two vehicles and led to the immediate fatalities of a 36-year-old Bulgarian and an American.

"Carrefour" Returns to Bulgaria

French retail giant "Carrefour" is set to re-establish its presence in Bulgaria, unveiling plans for a significant return through a partnership with Greek franchisee "Retail & More." The announcement details the sub-franchising of the Carrefour brand to at least 20 stores in Bulgaria, with negotiations underway, including discussions with Bulgarian companies like Parkmart Holding for sub-fr

Boyko Borisov Votes with a Paper Ballot: Is there a Functioning Machine, or Have They Run Out?

Boyko Borisov chose to cast his vote with a paper ballot in Bankya today.

"Is there a functioning machine, or are there none left?" Borisov jokingly asked the members of the Electoral Commission upon entering. He then emphasized that, given the recent events in Sofia and Varna, he preferred to vote with a paper ballot.

See all the Bulgarian Cities in which there will be Intense Election Runoffs

In the upcoming second round of local elections on November 5, several key Bulgarian cities, including Sofia, Varna, and Pleven, are gearing up for a fiercely contested battle, according to data from the Central Election Commission (CEC) following the first round on October 29.

Bulgaria: Thousands Protested in front of the Central Election Commission due to the Machine Voting Scandal

At 12 o'clock today in Sofia and Varna, thousands of people came out to protest against the last-minute cancellation of machine voting - something for which the so-called "paper coalition" has been insisting for over a year.

The Eco-Ministry: There is No Pollution from "Nova Kakhovka" in the Bulgarian part of the Black Sea

There is no pollution in the Bulgarian part of the Black Sea as a result of Russia's destruction of the wall of the Nova Kakhovka dam in Ukraine. This was announced by the Ministry of Environment and Water at a press conference in Varna. The conclusion is based on research by the Institute of Oceanology at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.