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King's College London

The far-right in Greece – A rising threat ahead of EU elections?

With the EU elections on the horizon, one party in Greece, Greek Solution, is seeing a notable surge in support. The rise of this far right nationalist party also mirrors broader trends in the far right across Europe, and many are beginning to ask whether this resurgent far-right is here to stay.

New Findings: 14-Hour Fasting Enhances Mood, Sleep, and Appetite Control

A recent study reveals that consuming meals within a 10-hour window offers various health benefits, including increased energy, enhanced mood, decreased appetite, and improved sleep. Researchers from King's College London presented these findings at the European Nutrition Conference. The study involved over 37,000 participants using the ZOE Health app.

Athens in the thrall of the Great Idea

The year 1896, following the first modern Olympic Games, was defined by a widespread sense of optimism in Athens, a rather insignificant city of just 130,000. It was a time when "little Greece" began cultivating aspirations of victory, reaching out to realize the Great Idea by reclaiming the territories of the Byzantine Empire - including Constantinople, the center of Hellenism.

Number of Bulgarian Students in UK Universities is slightly Declining over the years

The number of Bulgarian students in the United Kingdom has slightly declined by -415 students less in four academic years, official figures have shown. A total of 6,185 Bulgarians studied in the UK during 2017/18, which numbers decreased to 5,770 by 2020/21, the education search platform reports. 

Women candidates fail to break through in Qatar vote

Qatar wrapped up its first legislative polls on Oct. 2 with no women elected to a representative council that is seen as unlikely to alter the distribution of power in the emirate.

The vote was for 30 members of the 45-strong Shura Council, a body with limited powers that was previously appointed by the emir as an advisory chamber.