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ATHEX: Bourse ends week before polls higher

The Greek stock market ended the last week before the general election with gains, which made it the third consecutive week of growth for the benchmark at Athinon Avenue. The market appears calm ahead of the polls, in contrast with what is happening on the other side of the Aegean, while turnover in Athens increased on Friday thanks to maturing of the month's derivatives.

ATHEX: Traders opt for treading cautiously

Investors continue{ to tread carefully in the local market as Sunday's election approaches, so on Thursday they reduced their activity to the bare minimum, with the majority of stocks and the benchmark at Athinon Avenue posting small losses. The day's turnover was the lowest of the month so far. Friday's session may be the last before the polls, but also sees the expiry of the April derivatives

ATHEX: Late decline bumps index into the red

The last few minutes of the trading session at Athinon Avenue on Monday saw the main indexes swing from gains to losses - albeit marginal - primarily owing to the decline observed in foreign markets, especially at the opening of Wall Street. Traders appear to be waiting for local political developments as well as the outcome of the Turkish elections.

ATHEX: Benchmark ascends to 9-week high

Bank stocks once again pulled the index of the Greek bourse higher on Tuesday, even though mid-caps and the majority of stocks suffered losses at the end of a session dominated by selective moves by traders. This sixth consecutive day of growth for the market's benchmark took the latter to its highest level since early March.

ATHEX: Index edges ever closer to 1,100 points

For the third day in a row the benchmark of the Greek stock market posted minor gains on Thursday, with blue chips growing and mid-caps shrinking, and the majority of stocks ending up on the losing side. The main index is again creeping up toward 1,100 points, while the daily trading volumes seen this week lag those of previous months.