World’s ‘oldest’ tree able to reveal planet’s secrets

In a forest in southern Chile, a giant tree has survived for thousands of years and is in the process of being recognized as the oldest in the world.

Known as the "Great Grandfather," the trunk of this tree measuring 4 meters in diameter and 28 meters tall is also believed to contain scientific information that could shed light on how the planet has adapted to climatic changes.

Croatia Accuses Eight of Smuggling Hundreds of Kilos of Cocaine

Croatia's Bureau for the Prevention of Corruption and Organized Crime, USKOK, has filed an indictment against eight Croatian citizens for smuggling hundreds of kilograms of cocaine and selling weapons.

The principal defendant, Petar Cosic, 52, is also accused of the murder of Milan Milovac, 47, who collaborated with the Belgrade drug lord Darko Saric.

Türkiye launches science diplomacy in the 7th National Antarctic Science Expedition

Conducting 18 projects on Horseshoe Island as part of the 7th National Antarctic Science Expedition, Turkish researchers visited science bases belonging to eight different countries on the continent, which hold important clues about the past and future of the earth.

Turkish lesson given based on TV series in Argentina

Turkish lessons have started to be given in an Argentine university based on Turkish TV series as the productions have broken audience records, especially in Latin America.

As well as millions of dollars in exports, the interest in Turkish TV series all over the world paves the way for the introduction of Türkiye's history and culture to the world,