Bulgaria Lags Behind EU Peers in Adoption of Cloud Computing Services

Recent data unveiled by Eurostat paints a revealing picture of Bulgaria's position in the European Union concerning the adoption of cloud computing services. The report, released on Friday, indicates that Bulgaria stands third to last in the EU hierarchy in terms of companies procuring cloud computing services in 2023.

Bulgarians Rank High for Work Hours in the EU

A recent study by France's Rexecode Institute has shed light on the work habits of Europeans, placing Bulgarians near the top of the list for work hours among EU citizens. The findings, published on Wednesday, revealed that Bulgarians worked an average of 1,993 hours a year in 2022, trailing just behind Romania in this respect.

Serbia narrowly avoided Croatia and Albania in the EURO 2024 draw

The Serbian national team, which is participating in the continental competition for the first time since 2000, will play in group C with England, Slovenia and Denmark.
Group B is also interesting, where Croatia, Albania, Spain and Italy are, and the Croatian media are aware that the "Blazers" will play in the "group of death".

Serbia to play England, Denmark and Slovenia at EURO 2024

HAMBURG - Serbia were on Saturday drawn to play England, Denmark and Slovenia in Group C at the UEFA EURO 2024 in Germany.

Serbia will first face England in Gelsenkirchen on June 16, then Slovenia in Munich four days later and Denmark, also in Munich, on June 25.

The draw ceremony was held in Hamburg.

AP Photo/Martin Meissner

AP Photo/Martin Meissner

European Sky Shield: Bulgaria Joins 11 Nations in Air Defense Initiative

The Bulgarian Council of Ministers has greenlit a landmark decision, approving a draft Memorandum of Understanding between Bulgaria and 11 European nations. This paves the way for a collaborative effort in procuring ground-based air defense systems under the European Sky Shield initiative.

National Museum of Denmark to keep Parthenon fragments

In a public statement last week, the National Museum of Denmark announced that it will be keeping three sculptural fragments from the 2,500-year-old Parthenon, currently on display in its permanent collection in Copenhagen. The three fragments, consisting of two marble heads and a horse's hoof, came to Denmark between 1688 and 1835.

Bulgaria Joins European Sky Shield: A Look into Defense Integration

Bulgaria has recently embarked on a significant strategic move by aligning itself with the "European Sky Shield Initiative" (ESSI), a collaborative air defense project led by Germany, aiming to fortify Europe's defenses against evolving aerial threats, primarily emanating from Russia.