The Guardian: “Let’s do a Brexit deal with the Parthenon marbles”

Not yet a week since the triggering of article 50, and already hope of cordial negotiations seems optimistic. At the weekend, amid early jostling over the post-Brexit fate of Gibraltar, former Tory leader Michael Howard implied that one way to resolve that situation could be a war with Spain.

Secret plan: Britain planned to blow up Calais tunnel with nukes!

Britain planned to plant a nuclear bomb inside the Channel Tunnel to blow up the transport link in a desperate bid to severe ties with Europe. Previously top secret papers have revealed that officials once plotted the collapse of the tunnel between the UK and France in the event of an emergency.

Spain might use veto over Gibraltar related to Brexit

Spain is likely to wield a veto over any Brexit deal for Gibraltar after the EU-27 backed Madrid in its draft negotiating guidelines for forthcoming divorce talks between the UK and the bloc.
Gibraltar is a disputed territory, which Britain has held for centuries. For the UK, any Brexit deal would automatically apply to Gibraltar, since it claims it as British territory.

An intrepid retiree takes on the high seas of the Atlantic

Did you know that when sailing across the Atlantic one of the worst things that can happen is to run out of reading material? That it's possible to catch a lobster with a mop in the Caribbean? Or that the island of Martinique is a part of the European Union? I didn't, but I do now that I've met 62-year-old mechanic Panayiotis Kontoyiannis.

Rare 'sharksucker fish' caught off Turkey's Muğla

A fisherman living in the Aegean province of Muğla caught a rare sharksucker fish, also known as a remora, on Oct. 19, Doğan News Agency has reported.

Locals in the Bodrum were shocked at seeing the animal which normally only lives in the tropics.
The rare fish was caught by 54-year-old amateur fisherman Mustafa Yıldızhan off the Yalı neighborhood of Bodrum.

Greece win 4-1 against Gibraltar after a scare

Greece turned what could have been a disaster in their opening world cup qualifying match against Gibraltar when their 1-0 lead was nullified by an equaliser by the home side, into an emphatic 4-1 victory in the space of 3 minutes. The Greek team opened the score early in the 10th minute with a great strike by forward Mitroglou, but the home side were level after 16 minutes.