India is their country, and Crete their home

Kamanjit Singh arrived on the island of Crete from India 12 years ago to work. He remains on the island to this day and is one of about 1,000 members of the Indian community that has been established in two communities of the Rethymno region. Six hundred live in the Hamalevri and Stavromenos communities and 400 in Rethymno.

Europe’s Stellantis and China’s Leapmotor will sell electric cars in Greece from September

European carmaker Stellantis on Tuesday said it had formed a joint venture with the Chinese electric vehicle startup Leapmotor that will begin selling EVs in nine European countries, including Greece, later this year.

Global Freelance Rates: Bulgaria Secures 15th Spot in Professional Salary Rankings

Bulgaria holds the 15th spot worldwide in terms of average salaries for individuals engaged in freelance professions, boasting an average wage of $148.

Freelancing is a contractual profession where individuals, known as "freelancers," leverage their skills and expertise to offer services to various clients, rather than being formally employed by a single organization.