Logar calls for cooperation between EU and Indo-Pacific

Paris – Foreign Minister Anže Logar attended the first ministerial forum on cooperation in the Indo-Pacific region organised by the French EU presidency on Tuesday. He noted the importance of good and sustainable integration between Europe and the Indo-Pacific, and also held two bilateral meetings, the Slovenian Foreign Ministry said.

Indonesia is Moving its Capital

The Indonesian parliament today passed a bill to move the capital from Jakarta to a forested area on the island of Borneo, DPA reported. The decision of the deputies paves the way for the construction of the new city.

The law was approved by most political forces, with only the small Justice and Prosperity Party disagreeing.

Local man prepares for world tour with caravan

A 30-year-old Turkish man from the Black Sea province of Samsun is preparing for a world tour with a caravan he has converted from a clunker bus.

"The first time I saw the bus, I said, 'It should be my home.' It was like the school buses I saw in Hollywood movies," Kadir Mert, a software specialist and paragliding tutor, told daily Milliyet on Dec. 8.

Indonesia volcano death toll rises

The death toll from a sudden, spectacular eruption of Indonesia's Mount Semeru has risen to 13, disaster officials said on Dec. 5, as rescuers searched villages blanketed in molten ash for survivors.

The eruption of Java's biggest mountain caught locals by surprise on Dec. 4, sending thousands fleeing its path of destruction and forcing hundreds of families into makeshift shelters.

Island turns into open-air lab for tech-savvy volcanologists

They come with eagle-eyed drones and high-precision instruments. Aided by satellites, they analyze gas emissions and the flows of molten rock. On the ground, they collect everything from the tiniest particles to "lava bombs" the size of watermelons that one of nature's most powerful forces hurl as incandescent projectiles.

Razgatlıoğlu wins 2021 Superbike World Championship

Turkish rider Toprak Razgatlıoğlu won the top stop in the 2021 Superbike World Championship title in Indonesia on Nov. 21.

Razgatlıoğlu started the race in the pole position. The leading role changed hands during the fierce race but he eventually finished second and grabbed the world title ahead of the final race of the season.

Countries failing to meet climate vows to face warning in 2023: IEA chief

Countries that fail to meet the climate commitments will receive warnings at the UN's next climate summit slated for 2023, the head of the International Energy Agency (IEA) said on Nov. 7.

Speaking to Anadolu Agency in an interview on the sidelines of the COP26 conference, Fatih Birol said the COP26 Presidency appointed the IEA to monitor and report on countries' progress.