Economic Sentiment Wavers in EU and Bulgaria Amidst Uncertainty

Economic sentiment in both the European Union and Bulgaria experienced some turbulence in February, reflecting ongoing uncertainties surrounding economic recovery and global challenges. According to the latest monthly survey by the European Commission, while consumer sentiment showed marginal improvement, economic attitudes unexpectedly deteriorated.

Demographic Crisis: Bulgaria Braces for One-Third Drop in Working-Age Population

A recent report by Allianz Trade paints a bleak picture for Bulgaria's labor market, predicting a one-third decrease in the working-age population by the year 2050. This forecast, the worst in the European Union, highlights the significant challenges posed by demographic decline and migration trends.

There’s good reason to worry about Egypt

Ask almost any European official specializing in security matters what keeps them up at night, and they'll probably answer "Egypt." The crisis in the Middle East is most certainly threatening the stability of what is the most important country in the Arab world right now and everyone knows that if Egypt falls, the crisis this would spark would reverberate far beyond Greece or Italy, all the way