CNN: The United States is Considering Sending up to 1,000 Troops to Bulgaria

The United States and its allies are considering the deployment of troops in NATO's Eastern European countries as a precautionary measure against a possible Russian invasion of Ukraine. This was reported by CNN, citing officials of the US administration.

NATO will Expand its Military Presence in Eastern Europe

One last warning: There will be a fierce response

Russia's eventual attack on Ukraine will provoke a fierce response, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg announced last night.
"We have agreed that any new Russian aggression against Ukraine will have serious consequences," Stoltenberg said on Twitter after an online meeting with Biden and the leaders of France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Great Britain and the EU, Reuters reports.

Germany Forbids Estonia to Transfer German-Made Weapons to Ukraine

Germany prevents Estonia from providing military support to Ukraine by refusing to issue permits for the export of weapons of German origin to Kiev amid a potential Russian invasion, writes the American newspaper The Wall Street Journal.

Unlike the United States, Britain, Poland and other allies, the German government has refused to export deadly weapons directly to Ukraine.

Hojs attends two-day conference on migrations in Lithuania

Ljubljana – Interior Minister Aleš Hojs attended a two-day conference on migrations in Vilnius on Thursday and Friday, which discussed the issues of using migrations for political gains and common measures to strengthen surveillance at the EU’s external borders in light of increased migrations.

American Tankers came and the Price of Gas in Europe fell Sharply

Natural gas in Europe has fallen to 70 euros per megawatt-hour, approaching levels not seen in the last two months. This is happening against the background of increasing flows of liquefied natural gas, higher wind energy production, and increasing use of gas from storage facilities in Germany.