Bulgarian Ambassador to Russia Declines Putin's Inauguration Invitation

@Wikimedia Commons

The Bulgarian ambassador to Russia, Atanas Krastin, will be notably absent from Vladimir Putin's upcoming inauguration ceremony, citing "personal reasons" for his inability to attend. The revelation surfaced in response to inquiries from the Bulgarian media website "Club Z", following the Kremlin's invitation to European Union leaders to witness Putin's swearing-in for his fifth presidential term.

In a statement issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA), it was confirmed that Krastin had indeed received an invitation to the inauguration but would be unavoidably absent from the event due to personal commitments outside of the Russian Federation.

However, the statement did not clarify whether Krastin would have attended the ceremony under different circumstances, leaving speculation lingering over his absence.

The decision not to attend comes amidst varying responses from EU member states regarding participation in the ceremony. While France has confirmed its ambassador's presence at the event, other nations, including Germany, Poland, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania, have voiced their refusal to legitimize Putin's extended presidency. Their stance, rooted in solidarity with Ukraine, underscores the delicate diplomatic dance unfolding within the Western camp.

Meanwhile, the United States has remained silent on whether a representative will be sent to the inauguration. However, European diplomats cited by Reuters expressed skepticism regarding US participation.

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