AGERPRES photo exhibition "Romania: Evolution" travels to Lisbon

The photo exhibition "Romania: Evolution" mounted by the AGERPRES National News Agency trevalled to Lisbon, Portugal, on Thursday, where he was presented at an Amicus Romaniae (Romania's friend) award gala in partnership with the Romanian Cultural Institute (ICR) in Lisbon and the Romanian Embassy in Portugal.

EU countries back investment screening plan with China in mind

European Union countries agreed on Wednesday to a far-reaching system to coordinate scrutiny of foreign investments into Europe, notably from China.

Under the plan, developed in the wake of a surge in Chinese investments, the European Commission would investigate foreign investments in strategic technologies and infrastructure such as ports or energy networks.

Bulgaria is Among the Leaders in the EU in the Recycling of Plastic and at the Bottom for Metals

Bulgaria is among the leaders in the European Union in the recycling of plastic and glass garbage. This shows Eurostat data for 2016. An average EU-level of recycled plastic is 42.4% and in Bulgaria this percentage reaches 52.6 per cent, which is the fourth place in the whole EU.

Bulgaria is the EU Leader in the Growth of Jobs in Trade

The European Commission has published two new studies highlighting the growing importance of EU exports for job opportunities in Europe and beyond. EU exports to other countries around the world are more important than ever. They provide over 36 million jobs across Europe - two-thirds more than their number in 2000, with 14 million of them employed by women.

National Day parade ends; 4,000 Romanian and foreign servicemen marched under Arch of Triumph

Bucharest, Dec 1 /Agerpres/ - Approximately 4,000 Romanian and foreign servicemen from all categories of forces marched, on Saturday, December 1, in the National Day Military Parade taking place at the Arch of Triumph in Bucharest.

The National Day Military Parade begins

Bucharest, Dec 1 /Agerpres/ - The Military Parade on the National Day of Romania has begun on Saturday in Bucharest, with 4,000 Romanian and foreign servicemen to march under the Arch of Triumph.

The start of manifestations was done by the review of the Honor Guard by President Klaus Iohannis, after which the National Anthem was sung.

National Day Military Parade;4,000 Romanian and foreign servicemen to parade under the Arch of Triumph

Bucharest, Dec 1 /Agerpres/ - Approximately 4,000 servicemen and specialists of the Ministry of National Affairs (MApN), Ministry of Internal Affairs (MAI), Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI), Protection and Security Service (SPP) and the National Penitentiary Administration, along 200 military vehicles and 50 aircraft, with 500 foreign servicemen from allied or partner countries among them, w