Purple jellyfish: Surge in the Ionian – Where they have been found

Of particular concern is the spread of purple jellyfish in the Greek seas, as according to the Hellenic Biodiversity Observatory "the movements of jellyfish we observed in winter have verified us and the spread of purple jellyfish in the Ionian Sea from the beginning of April is confirmed".

European audiovisual artists demand fair market conditions

Ljubljana – The European audiovisual industry needs modern legislation that will reflect the rapid development of digital technologies on the market, agreed participants of a regional conference on copyright. They called for the implementation of the EU copyright directive on the single digital market and a mechanism that would protect artists.

Bulgaria’s President: Politicians Ignore the War in the Name of Party Interest

"Politicians and demagogues do not have a sober assessment of the devastating potential of war or neglect it in the name of party or self-interest. Many have not risked their lives, but are willing to risk the lives of others", said President Rumen Radev, who boarded a Spanish Eurofighter fighter jet for a demonstration flight.

Bulgaria’s President accused the Government of being 'Cynical' for looking for Alternatives to Russian Gas

"It is cynical in the most energy-poor country in the EU, with the poorest people to say 'we will find another solution, we will pay more.' Some people may pay more, but others are on the edge and cannot pay more. Those who can afford to pay more and make decisions need to think about those who can't afford it. "

Bulgarian President: The Government owes a Definite Answer to the Citizens whose Interests it Serves

"There must be a careful approach to this conflict, which directly affects everything. There are a number of revelations about where the Bulgarian weapons are going. I wonder how the Minister of Energy will explain to the Bulgarians that Bulgarian weapons are fueling this conflict." This was stated by President Rumen Radev before he left for Spain today.