Exceptional' Sahara dust cloud hits Europe, says monitor

An "exceptional" dust cloud from the Sahara is choking parts of Europe, the continent's climate monitor said yesterday, causing poor air quality and coating windows and cars in grime.

Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service said the latest plume, the third of its kind in recent weeks, was bringing hazy conditions to southern Europe and would sweep northward as far as Scandinavia.

Multinational Iniochos air force drill starts Monday

This year's edition of the multinational air force exercise Iniochos will kick off on Monday.

The drill, which will run until April 18, is organized every year at Andravida Air Base in Western Greece by the Hellenic Air Force, and will be conducted in the greater area of ​​the Athens Flight Information Region.

Bulgarian and American Air Forces Join Forces for Black Sea Vigilance Exercise

In a display of steadfast alliance and strategic cooperation, the Bulgarian and American air forces have launched joint exercises aimed at enhancing their readiness and coordination in the Black Sea region. The maneuvers, which involve simulated strikes on ground targets, highlight a continued commitment to NATO's collective defense amidst regional tensions.

EU Grants Rheinmetall Over 130 Million Euros for Ammunition Production Expansion

German arms manufacturer Rheinmetall has secured a substantial financial boost from the European Union, receiving over 130 million euros to enhance its ammunition production capabilities. The funding is earmarked for the production of 155 mm ammunition and gunpowder, with projects set to take place in Germany, Hungary, Romania, and Spain.

European prices with Balkan purchasing power

Despite the increase in the minimum wage in 2023, Greece's gross domestic product (GDP) per capita expressed in purchasing power standards is 67% of the European average, according to Eurostat. 

This puts Greece in 26th place among the 27 member-states, with Bulgaria in last, where GDP per capita in purchasing power units was 64% of the European average.