Greece fourth among Europeans’ dream destinations

Greece ranks fourth among the most popular destinations for Europeans planning their holidays, according to a report commissioned by the European Union that has not yet been published in its entirety.

The survey shows Greece has climbed one place in the top 10, leapfrogging over Germany among the preferred destinations for Europeans for 2021.

Storm from Spain moves to the Balkans in the coming days: It is called Philomena

The Philomena storm, which left Madrid paralyzed by snow last week, is sweeping across the Mediterranean, has already covered the eastern parts of the Balkans and continues via Serbia towards Greece and Turkey.
Due to Philomena, Madrid faced with the heaviest snowfall in decades, while the temperature dropped to a record -36 degrees.

WHO head for Serbia: I'm afraid that epidemic end is far away

He told RTS that he was afraid the end of the epidemic was far away.
Ivanusa added the vaccination had started worldwide, and that that brings hope.
"About 50 countries have started vaccination so far. The largest number of vaccines per 100 people was consumed in Israel, and in Spain only one vaccine per 100 people," Ivanusa said.

Turkey exports flowers to 83 countries in 2020

Turkey exported $107 million worth of flowers to 83 countries in 2020 despite the coronavirus pandemic.

According to the Ornamental Plants and Products Exporters Union, which embodies the export of cut flowers, indoor and outdoor plants, flower bulbs, and wreaths, the number of branches of flowers sold abroad reached 505 million in 2020, most of them carnations.