IntMin Vela announces suspension of flights to and from the US and some European countries

The Minister of Interior, Marcel Vela, on Saturday informed in a press statement he made at the MAI (Ministry of Interior) headquarters, while presenting the provisions of the Military Ordinance No. 7, that the authorities decided to suspend all flights to and from the US and a series of European countries, for a period of 14 days, starting with April 5.

Another 11 persons infected with novel coronavirus die, death toll at 133

Another 11 persons infected with the novel coronavirus have died, the total number of those deceased due to the virus standing at 133, the Strategic Communication Group informed on Friday. The deaths reported are 3 women, aged between 62 and 77, and 8 men, with ages between 27 and 67. * Death 123 - man, 66, from Bistrita Nasaud County.

Latest on the coronavirus: Confirmed cases worldwide top 1 million

The number of confirmed coronavirus cases worldwide passed the 1 million threshold on April 2 as the pandemic swept across the globe.

Johns Hopkins University's website showed the milestone was hit on April 2 afternoon. The count represents confirmed cases, but the true numbers are believed to be much higher.

Nearly 51,500 people have died from the virus.

Latest on the coronavirus: New York becomes the US epicenter of the disease

The U.S. House of Representatives will begin debate on a $2.2 trillion coronavirus aid bill on March 27 as virus cases in the country rose to the highest in the world.

Mainland China reported its first locally transmitted case in three days, while India slashed interest rates.   

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Epidemiologist: Next week is going to be a tough one, improvement at the end of April

"Holding on for the next two weeks means that we will be able to cope well until the end of April, when we expect a significant fall, and we expect sporadic cases in May", Tiodorvic told "Blic".
He said that we were doing well at the moment, even though we were getting more and more registered infected cases from day to day and we were starting to record fatalities.