Ukraine Contemplates Peace Talks: To Invite Russia or Not?

Amidst ongoing efforts to seek a resolution to the protracted conflict, Ukraine finds itself at a critical juncture, deliberating the possibility of extending an invitation to Russia for a future peace meeting. The revelation, disclosed by a high-ranking Ukrainian official representative to Reuters, underscores the complexities of diplomacy in the face of entrenched hostilities.

From Geneva to ancient Eretria

The iron gate of the villa opened automatically to let the car onto the white gravel driveway. I caught a brief glimpse of the magnificent garden, manicured to Swiss perfectionism, before seeing that Pierre Ducrey was already standing on the steps of the building that houses the Hardt Foundation to greet us with a broad smile.

Swiss Train Hijacker Shot Dead by Police After Taking 15 Hostages

In a tense standoff that unfolded on a Swiss train, authorities have reported that a man armed with an ax and a knife held 15 passengers hostage for nearly four hours before being fatally shot by police. The incident occurred in the town of Essert-sous-Champvent on a train traveling between Baulmes and Yverdon-les-Bains in the Swiss canton of Vaud, near the French border.

Vučić after UN Security Council session: People must know that we will fight for them

"You saw our arguments, our answers - responsible and serious. You saw arguments based on personal hatred, on lies about Sandulovi and various other nonsense," said Vui.
He points out that Britain and Switzerland were the harshest against us.

What links a small group of farmers from Farsala to a French couture house?

What links a small group of farmers from Farsala to a French couture house? Cotton - but not just any cotton. Organic cotton grown according to the principles of regenerative agriculture on European soil, using methods that are safe for the environment and acceptable by society's standards.

Serbia to play Spain, Denmark and Switzerland in UEFA Nations League A

PARIS - The Serbia men's national football team was on Thursday drawn to play Spain, Denmark and Switzerland in Group 4 of UEFA Nations League A.

The draw ceremony was held in Paris.

The fourth edition of the UEFA Nations League begins on September 5 and concludes on November 19.