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The Health Risk of Plastic in Drinking Water is Low

Consumers are not at risk, say WHO.
The World Health Organization (WHO) has defined as "low" the risk to the health of microplastics in drinking water.

The current level of small particles of plastic in drinking water does not endanger consumers, WHO said, but added that more research was needed on the topic.

Boris Johnson Meets with Emmanuel Macron in Paris

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and French President Emmanuel Macron will talk in Paris today.

Brexit and other major topics, including the issue of Iran, will be at the center of the talks.

This will be the first meeting between the two since Johnson headed the British government. He also spoke with German Chancellor Angela Merkel yesterday.

Minister-delegate Ciamba talks with EU chief negotiator Barnier on protecting Romanian citizens' rights residing in UK

Minister-delegate for European Affairs George Ciamba announced on a Twitter post that he discussed with European Chief Negotiator for the United Kingdom Exiting the European Union Michel Barnier about the importance of protecting the rights of the EU and Romanian citizens who are living in the UK. "Engaging phone conversation with EU's chief negotiator Michel Barnier.

The Strike of the Ryanair Pilots is POSTPONED

The Irish Supreme Court has blocked the strike of the Ryanair pilots scheduled for tomorrow and again in Dublin.

The airline welcomed the decision and urged pilots to return to negotiations and to resolve any disagreements without disrupting the flight schedule.

A British court decision is also expected today to postpone the protest by pilots in Britain.