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Attica Bank presents three-year plan for bad-loan reduction

The management of Attica Bank is expected by mid-January to have finalized its plan to reduce the lender's bad loans - which amount to approximately 2.5 billion euros (approximately 65% of its portfolio) - in order to then launch the process to increase its share capital by a total of €490 million. 

BoG gov. Stournaras optimistic over defeating the monster of inflation by 2024 end

Bank of Greece governor Yannis Stournaras sees inflation in the Eurozone peaking this year, predicting a further decline in 2023 before retreating to near the ECB's 2% target next year. As he characteristically stated: "I am optimistic that the monster of inflation will have been defeated by the end of 2024″

Top gov’t nat’l security council on Tues. to broach border security

Members of the government's national security council will convene on Tuesday at the Maximos Mansion to discuss border security, especially along the Evros (Maritsa) River, which separates Greece and Turkey in the northeast Thrace province.

Greek PM Kyriakos Mitsotakis will chair the session. On Monday, the Greek premier paid an official visit to Qatar.

BoG governor on Bloomberg: The new support tool may be shelved

The new tool being promoted to shield southern European countries as interest rates may rise "not need to be used if it is strong enough to persuade investors not to try it".

This is what the governor of the Bank of Greece and member of the Board of Directors of the European Central Bank, Giannis Stournaras, said in a televised interview with Bloomberg.

Eurostat reveals shocking inflation figures

Eurostat's inflation divs for both the Eurozone and Greece have set new records causing a veritable shock around the continent.

In particular, inflation in the eurozone was 8.6% in June from 8.1% in May, according to the preliminary data published today by the official statistical authority of the European Union.

The picture in Greece

BoG: Management companies hold 87.6 billion euro worth of red loans

The nominal value of loans to the domestic private sector serviced by domestic credit servicing firms (CSFs) that have been transferred to non-resident specialised financial institutions increased by 7.923 billion euros in the first quarter of 2022, the Bank of Greece said on Thursday.