Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP)

Bulgaria's EU Elections Ballot to Be Changed Upon DPS Request

The legal committee at Bulgaria's Parliament approved the Movement of Rights and Freedoms (DPS)'s proposal for changes to May 25's EU Elections ballot.

Under the DPS-initiated legislation, numbers corresponding to preferential candidates will be circled and not written in a square, as the Election Code stipulates.

Bulgaria's Consumer Protection Commission to Become Executive Agency

Bulgaria's Commission for Consumer Protection is to be converted into an executive agency under the umbrella of the Ministry of Economy and Energy.

The reform is part of a set of amendments to the Consumer Protection Act which were approved Wednesday by the parliamentary economic committee.

Bulgaria's Lawmakers Adopt Consumer Credit Act Amendments

Bulgaria's lawmakers have conclusively adopted the amendments to the Consumer Credit Act which will come into effect three months after their promulgation in the State Gazette.

The regulations will apply only to mortgage agreements signed after the law comes into force, except for the fees, compensations and penalties which can be renegotiated, Bulgarian Dnevnik informs.

Ex-Journalist Barekov Heads His Party's EU Elections List

Nikolay Barekov, a former journalist and TV host, announced he would lead the EU Elections list of a coalition forged by his Bulgaria without Censorship (BWC) party.

The leaders of nationalist VMRO-BND, Agrarian People's Union and Gergiovden Movement, the other three parties within the coalition, will rank immediately after him in the list, Dnevnik.bg has reported.