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UPDATE/President Iohannis: Current Government needs new confirmation in Parliament

President Klaus Iohannis said on Wednesday that the current Government needs a new confirmation in Parliament and asked for this procedure to be triggered. "After the elections, with a new constitutional majority, we can do much more together. Until then, at present, the current Government needs a new confirmation in Parliament through a procedure I am asking to be triggered.

Bulgaria will Provide BGN 148,395 in Grants to Serbia, Montenegro, Armenia and Georgia

Bulgaria will provide BGN 148,395 in grants to countries from the Western Balkans and the Eastern Partnership for the financing of projects for the development of education, social integration, and civil society, the government press office said.

Anger Over Romanian Teen’s Murder Prompts High-Level Resignation

The director of the Romanian Special Telecommunications Service, TST, Ionel-Sorinel Vasilva, quit on Monday after the institution was accused of not reacting on time to the desperate SOS calls of a teenager who was kidnapped, raped and murdered last week in southern Romania.

Romania Court Quashes Controversial Criminal Code Reform

The Romanian Constitutional Court on Monday declared controversial criminal code reforms passed by government decree unconstitutional, saying the changes did not respect previous rulings issued by the court.

The amendments backed by the Social Democratic Party-led government included reducing jail terms and the statute of limitations for some corruption-related crimes.

UPDATE/President Iohannis: CCR decision sanctions, for the second time, PSD-ALDE coalition's legislative demarche

President Klaus Iohannis says the decision of the Constitutional Court of Romania (CCR) regarding the Criminal Codes "sanctions, for the second time, the legislative demarche of the PSD [Social Democratic Party] - ALDE [Alliance of Liberals and Democrats] coalition" and that the modifications brought to criminal legislation are "harmful and contrary" to the Constitution, for which reason Parlia

Caracal criminal case: Opoportunity of a referendum for radical punishments, life imprisonment, chemical castration

Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă on Saturday night wrote on her Facebook page that albeit her appeal to the political class to not try to confiscate the Caracal tragedy and turn it into an attack topic, "this appeal to respect, maturity and compassion was not honoured".

Serbia Appoints New Ruling Party-Backed Information Commissioner

Milan Marinovic, the candidate proposed by the Serbian parliament's Committee for Culture and Information, was chosen as Serbia's new Commissioner for Information of Public Importance and Personal Data Protection on Friday evening.

Most opposition MPs were not present for the vote.