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Putin fired a test shot; Who is the next target?

It is a statement Putin made during the Council for the Development of Civil Society and Human Rights organized by the Kremlin, which focused on Latvia's policy regarding the Russian-speaking minority.
Newsweek states that Latvia is one of three NATO and European Union members that share a border with mainland Russia.

WWF launches project for disaster-resistant homes in Malatya

World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Türkiye has initiated a disaster recovery project in Malatya, one of the provinces severely impacted by the devastating February earthquakes.

The "Restorative Village" project, aligned with WWF Türkiye's "green recovery" call, aims to establish earthquake-resistant homes that are "harmonious with nature."

Bulgaria: GERB announced their Candidate for Mayor of Sofia

The GERB-SDS coalition registered Anton Hekimyan as a candidate for Mayor of Sofia in the Municipal Election Commission.

Hekimyan was until recently the director of "News and Current Affairs" on bTV. On Saturday, he surprisingly left his position. In bTV he went through the entire ladder - intern, reporter, editor, TV presenter.