Council of Ministers

Stringent Anti-Epidemic Measures in Force till 21 December! Gyms Shut down but Football Matches Allowed


The anti-epidemic measures start on Friday - 27 November and will be in effect until 21 December 2020, Health Minister Kostadin Angelov said at an extraordinary briefing at the Council of Ministers. It is important to note that the order takes effect from Friday evening - that is, schools and kindergartens will operate on Friday, as well as gyms and malls.

Bulgaria Tops Mortality Rate Ranking, GPs Join Battle with Pandemic


Budget 2021 envisions an increase of funding for hospitals - BGN 2,37 billion will be allocated as funds for hospitals providing end-to-end servicing for Coronavirus patients.

The texts also state that there will already be obligations to work with patients with COVID-19 to the contractors of outpatient medical care, as well as sanctions for refusing their implementation.

Council of Ministers: BGN 20 Million Help Per Month for Working Families with Children in Bulgaria

"We support families with children up to 14 years of age by providing them with the right to monthly targeted assistance during emergencies.

The aid will amount to one minimum wage, "Prime Minister Boyko Borissov said during an online meeting of the Council of Ministers.

Bulgarian Parliament Allocates BGN 16 Million to Modernize Classrooms in 160 Schools

A day before the extraordinary session of the parliament with a request for updating the state budget, the cabinet allocated more money for the crisis in the economy. Ministers met online amid ongoing 35-day protests. A decision was made to support Bulgarian pupils, students, young families and working people.

Bulgarian Deputies Rejected the NFSB's Changes in Gambling Act

Parliament rejected the proposed changes to gambling by Valery Simeonov and the NFSB that impose restrictions on the opening of casinos and gambling halls.

Only 22 deputies voted "for" casinos and gambling halls to be situated only in the five-star hotels and along the border. 127 MPs abstained and four voted against,