Council of Ministers

Bulgaria Tightens Citizenship Criteria: Language Fluency Now a Must!

The Bulgarian Parliament has voted to amend citizenship laws, making proficiency in the Bulgarian language a prerequisite for obtaining citizenship. The amendment, proposed by the Council of Ministers, received overwhelming support with 154 votes in favor and 22 abstentions during the first reading.

Borisсov: Early Elections "2 in 1" Are A Logical End Of The Non-Coalition!

The leader of GERB, Boyko Borisсov, stated that early elections "2 in 1" in Bulgaria are a logical conclusion of the so-called non-coalition between his party and their "partners" from We Continue the Change-Democratic Bulgaria (WCC-DB).

He commented on the memorandum proposed by WCC-DB for management after the rotation.

INSAIT: Bulgaria Launches Innovative Scholarship Program to Cultivate Tech Leaders

Today, a new scholarship program in the field of mathematics and informatics was presented. Prime Minister Nikolai Denkov participated in the official announcement of the program aimed at developing technological leaders at the Institute of Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, and Technologies (INSAIT). The presentation also involved the Minister of Education and Science, Prof.

Bulgarian Government: Prime Minister Proposes Role Swap With Foreign Minister

Prime Minister Nikolai Denkov has put forward an expected proposition within Bulgarian politics, suggesting a cabinet shuffle that would see him assuming the role of foreign minister. Denkov's proposal, disclosed during a session addressing citizen and journalist inquiries on Facebook, aims to streamline governance processes while fostering stronger international relations.

Bulgaria's PM Stands Firm Amidst Farmer Protests: Minister's Resignation Not Up for Negotiation

Prime Minister Nikolai Denkov of Bulgaria addressed the ongoing farmer protests, emphasizing that Minister Kiril Vatev's resignation is not a negotiable point. Denkov's stance comes amidst escalating tensions as farmers demand governmental action.

Bulgarian Farmers Call for Minister's Ouster in Sofia

Farmers and animal breeders from 26 agricultural organizations have converged on the heart of Sofia, staging a protest in front of the Council of Ministers. The protesters have barricaded the square, demanding the immediate resignation of Minister Vatev and urging for constructive dialogue with the authorities.

Bulgarian Agricultural Organizations Rally: Minister's Removal Urged

Amidst a fervent outcry, 26 agricultural organizations will gather outside the Council of Ministers, demanding the immediate resignation of Agriculture Minister Kiril Vatev. Defiant against government negotiations, these longstanding groups, boasting a collective 20 years of existence and employing over 300,000 individuals, assert their legitimacy.