Democratic Party

The White House Will Not Cooperate in the Trump Investigation

The White House has announced that it will not cooperate with the Democratic Party in its investigation into the president.

The Democrat-dominated House of Representatives accuses Trump of misusing his power and asking Ukraine to seek compromise on former Vice President Joe Biden, who is currently part of the White House race.

Dodon Says Moldova Has Abandoned its Anti-Russian Stance

Moldova will no longer take a hostile attitude towards Russian journalists and investors, Moldovan President Igor Dodon said in an interview for the Russian daily Kommersant on Monday.

In the interview, Dodon said this had been agreed in the government coalition that unites the pro-Russian Socialist Party and the pro-European ACUM [NOW] bloc.

Serbian Opposition Sceptical of European Mediation Offer

The Alliance, which comprises a number of centrist, conservative and right-wing parties, indicated it would not go back on a decision confirmed on September 16 to boycott the election.

"Their efforts come too late," Marinika Tepic, deputy leader of the Party of Liberty and Justice, SSP, a member of the Alliance, told BIRN. "This is our final decision."