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Boeing, Justice Department reach deal over MAX crashes case

Boeing 737 MAX aircraft are assembled at the Boeing Renton Factory in Renton, Washington, on June 25, 2024.

Boeing said on Monday it had reached a deal with the U.S. Department of Justice (DoJ) over two fatal 737 MAX crashes, which court papers show would see the aviation giant plead guilty to fraud.

US ramps up oversight of major AI players

Top U.S. antitrust enforcers are moving forward with investigations into the roles played by Microsoft, OpenAI and Nvidia in the artificial intelligence boom, according to a report.

The rapid development of generative AI since the 2022 release of ChatGPT has raised concerns over whether these three companies will play an outsized role in the new sector.

US and Cyprus will sign a deal to fight money laundering and evasion of Russian sanctions

The United States and Cyprus said Tuesday they're formalizing their collaboration in fighting money laundering, sanctions evasion and other financial crimes with an agreement offering Cypriot law enforcement authorities US expertise.

New Charges Against Joe Biden's Son

The US Department of Justice has filed new charges against the son of US President Joe Biden - Hunter Biden, CNN reported.

Biden was charged yesterday in federal court in Los Angeles with participating in a four-year scheme to avoid paying taxes worth about .4 million, the Justice Department said.

'Doc' Antle of Netflix's 'Tiger King' pleads guilty

Bhagavan "Doc" Antle oversaw the sale or purchase of cheetah cubs, lion cubs, tigers and a juvenile chimpanzee that were all protected as endangered species, according to a Justice Department release. Officials said the 63-year-old man featured in a documentary miniseries about the tiger trade tried to hide animal payments as "donations" to his nonprofit organization.

Rising tide of anti-Semitism in America: "All Jews should be killed!"

The arrest came after officials warned at a congressional hearing yesterday of a growing hate directed at Jewish students in the US during the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in Gaza.
The US government and the Anti-Defamation League have reported increased threats against Jews, Muslims and Arab Americans since the outbreak of the Gaza conflict.

Prosecutors weigh charges against Senator Bob Menendez. Reports

The Justice Department is weighing possible charges against Sen. Bob Menendez after a yearslong public-corruption probe, the Wall Street Journal reported on Aug. 25. 

Prosecutors are expected to meet with his lawyers in the coming weeks ahead of a final decision, the people familiar with the matter said.