Federal Bureau of Investigation

FBI releases documents on Attempted Assassinations against Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II faced potential assassination threats during a 1983 visit to the United States, according to newly released FBI documents reported by the BBC on Friday

After the monarch's death last September, the Federal Bureau of Investigation released files related to the late queen's travels to the United States.

Prosecutor ends probe of FBI's Trump-Russia investigation with harsh criticism

A special prosecutor found that the FBI rushed into its investigation of ties between Russia and Donald Trump's 2016 campaign and relied too much on raw and unconfirmed intelligence as he concluded a four-year probe that fell far short of the former president's prediction that the "crime of the century" would be uncovered.

Meagre Resources Leave Montenegro Exposed to Cyber Threats

Perpetrator still unknown

The attacks of August 22 last year compromised a string of public services, including the websites of the government and the Revenue and Customs Administration.

According to the Ministry of Public Administration, 17 "information systems" in 10 institutions were infected, with 150 computer directly affected.

Texas: A Man killed 5 Neighbors, including a Child, because they Asked him to Stop Shooting a Shotgun in the yard

A man shot and killed five of his neighbors, including an 8-year-old child, after some of them asked him to stop firing his semi-automatic rifle in his Cleveland, Texas yard because it was disturbing their baby's sleep, police said Saturday.