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FBI Director: TikTok Endangers USA’s National Security

In a statement underscoring growing concerns over national security, FBI Director Christopher Wray has declared that the popular social media app TikTok poses a significant risk to the United States. According to reports from France Press, Wray's remarks come amidst heightened scrutiny and legislative action aimed at addressing the app's alleged ties to the Chinese government.

They wanted a government job 

Sometimes I wish that I lived in a country somewhere between my native Greece and the USA where I live. By between I don't mean geographically but rather a country whose laws, social mores etc were somewhere between the two. Maybe, I like to dream, such a country would combine the best of both Greece and US without any of the negatives.

Thieves steal $30 mn cash in Los Angeles heist

Los Angeles police and the FBI are investigating a daring heist of nearly $30 million in cash after burglars apparently broke through the roof of a money storage facility and cracked a safe.

David Cuellar of the Los Angeles Police Department said the robbery — one of the largest cash thefts in the city's history — took place on Easter Sunday in the northern suburb of Sylmar.

Cyprus and US cooperate against money laundering

Within a short period after Nicosia's announcement of closer cooperation with the US on money laundering issues, the Cypriot Council of Ministers approved the signing of a memorandum of cooperation between the Cyprus Police and the FBI. 

The memorandum pertains to providing assistance in investigating cases of possible sanctions violations, money laundering, and corruption.

The FBI in Cyprus

By enlisting the help of the FBI - as announced recently - Cyprus is making an effort to deal with the problem of corruption that has been a blight on the country's reputation for so many years.

Europol Security Breach: Top-Secret Documents Disappear from Headquarters

A major security breach has taken place within the EU police service - Europol, as detailed by the online publication 'POLITICO'. The report specifies that confidential documents belonging to high-ranking officials of the institution have gone missing, leading to a crisis within the organization.

US and Cyprus will sign a deal to fight money laundering and evasion of Russian sanctions

The United States and Cyprus said Tuesday they're formalizing their collaboration in fighting money laundering, sanctions evasion and other financial crimes with an agreement offering Cypriot law enforcement authorities US expertise.

Cyprus to get US expertise in countering money laundering

The United States and Cyprus are to boost their cooperation in enhancing Cypriot capabilities in countering and prosecuting illicit finance operations, the two governments said on Tuesday.

Cyprus has long had an unwanted reputation as a conduit for illicit money flows, even though authorities have significantly tightened oversight and closed loopholes in the past decade.