Great National Assembly

Bulgaria: There will be No Referendum for a Presidential Republic

"There Is Such a People" collected 145,193 signatures from Bulgarian citizens for the holding of a referendum to convene a Great National Assembly, which would change the state structure of Bulgaria from a parliamentary to a presidential republic. These signatures are insufficient and such a referendum will not take place.

Montenegro changes its history:"Serbia cancelled Montenegro"

Podgorica-based daily Pobjeda reports this.

According to the interpretation by the current Montenegro government and some historians, the Great National Assembly of the Serb People in Montenegro in 1918, known as Podgorica Assembly was organized contrary to the former Montenegro Constitution and its legal system.

"I have warm memories of our meeting," Putin tells Vucic

"Russian-Serbian relations, based on old traditions of friendship and spiritual closeness, are at a high level. Political dialogue and fruitful cooperation are expanding in different areas," Putin said in a letter sent to President Aleksandar Vucic on the occasion of February 15, Serbia's Statehood Day.

What Is Bulgaria's Voting System Referendum About?

Bulgaria will hold on Sunday a national referendum on the voting system, election rules, and state subsidies handed out to political parties.

The national poll will coincide with the presidential elections, whose first and second round are scheduled for November 06 and November 13, respectively.

Here is all you need to know in brief.