International Atomic Energy Agency

"He is ready for anything": Putin's next target revealed?

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky accused Russia of destroying the Nova Kakhovka dam, which had disastrous consequences in the Kherson region.
"The destruction of one of the largest water reservoirs in Ukraine was certainly intentional. Hundreds of thousands of people were left without access to drinking water," he said.

Order: Run... A "major nuclear accident" is brewing?

The evacuations were said to affect Energodar, a town near Ukraine's largest power plant, and the UN nuclear watchdog warned of a possible "severe nuclear accident".
Ivan Fedorov, the Ukrainian mayor of Melitopol, a city located in the Zaporizhzhia region, said the order had caused chaos and five-hour lines of cars at the Crimean checkpoint.

They were told: ''You bear responsibility, also for Serbia''

Lavrov said at a press conference in New York that some say that depleted uranium is not radioactive and that it is not included in the lists of the International Atomic Energy Agency, but that there are facts and interviews with people who suffered from the consequences of such missile attacks in the former Yugoslavia, in time of NATO bombing.