International Atomic Energy Agency

North Korea's Alleged Operational Second Reactor Raises Nuclear Concerns

Recent reports from the UN nuclear watchdog and independent experts suggest that North Korea has initiated operations at a new reactor within the Yongbyon nuclear complex. This reactor could potentially produce plutonium, fueling concerns about the nation's nuclear weapons program, according to Reuters.

Russia ramping up attacks in eastern Ukraine

Russian forces were ramping up attacks in eastern Ukraine on Wednesday, Moscow and Kiev said, as they vie to secure elusive territorial gains before the end of the year.

Despite the frontlines having barely shifted in 2023, fighting has remained intense, with the nearly encircled industrial town of Avdiivka the latest major flashpoint.

Japan fishermen seek halt to Fukushima water release

Around 100 fishermen and locals living near Fukushima will file a lawsuit this week seeking to stop the release of wastewater from the stricken Japanese nuclear plant, they said yesterday.

Twelve years after one of the world's worst nuclear accidents, on Aug. 24 Japan began releasing treated cooling water from the facility into the Pacific Ocean.