Israeli military

Israel ready for "Small Breaks" in the Fighting

Israel's Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, has stated that Israel is willing to consider "small tactical pauses" in the fighting in Gaza but firmly rejected the possibility of a ceasefire. This comes amid intensifying Israeli airstrikes on the Gaza Strip, with the Israeli military claiming to target infrastructure linked to the radical group Hamas.

Iran-Backed Militia Reinforces Hezbollah in Southern Lebanon Amid Escalating Tensions

The Imam Hussein Brigade, an Iran-backed militia, is relocating from Syria to southern Lebanon to bolster Hezbollah forces, according to an announcement by an Israeli military official. The move follows a series of setbacks for Hezbollah in recent clashes with Israel.

Israeli airstrikes crush apartments in Gaza refugee camp

A barrage of Israeli airstrikes leveled apartment buildings in a refugee camp near Gaza City on Tuesday, with rescuers clawing through the destruction to pull men, women and children from the rubble. Israel said the strike, which targeted a senior Hamas military leader, destroyed a militant command center and an underground tunnel network.

Gaza cut off from world after Israeli bombardment knocks out communications

 Israel struck targets in the Gaza Strip with stepped-up bombardment and artillery fire overnight into Saturday, knocking out communications and creating a near-blackout of information by largely cutting off the besieged enclave's 2.3 million people from contact with the outside world.

Israeli Tanks have Entered the Gaza Strip

Israeli ground forces have penetrated relatively deep into the territory of the Gaza Strip, Israel's army radio reported. Numerous targets of the Islamist organization "Hamas" in the northern part of the strip were attacked.

Video footage of the overnight action shows armored vehicles driving through a sandy border zone, tank fire and explosions near destroyed buildings.