Japanese government

G7 hammers China over Russia ties, 'harmful' trade

G7 leaders meeting in Italy Friday hardened their tone against China, warning Beijing to stop sending weapons components to Russia and play by the rules on trade.

China was a key focus of the Group of Seven talks in Puglia, amid souring trade relations between Beijing and the West and concerns that its supplies of equipment to Moscow are fuelling Russia's war in Ukraine.

Zuckerberg discusses AI risks with Japan PM during Asia tour

Meta chief Mark Zuckerberg met Prime Minister Fumio Kishida during a visit to Japan, discussing the risks of generative AI, a government spokesman said Wednesday.

Zuckerberg is on a mini-tour of Asia that includes stops in Japan, India and South Korea, where he travelled on Tuesday night.

Japan Records Largest Population Decline in 2023 as Births Plummet to Record Low

In a concerning trend for Japan's demographic landscape, the year 2023 saw a significant decline in the number of newborns, marking a record low in the country's history. According to government data reported by Kyodo News, Japan's population shrank by its largest ever margin, with births plummeting by 5.1 percent compared to the previous year, totaling just 758,631 infants.

Japan 'on standby' to intervene as yen plummets

Japan's top currency official said yesterday that Tokyo was "on standby" to intervene after the yen fell to a new year-low against the dollar and plunged against the euro, Bloomberg reported.

The yen dropped below 151 against the dollar overnight after the Bank of Japan further loosened its control of bond yields but stuck with sub-zero short-term interest rates.

Japan fishermen seek halt to Fukushima water release

Around 100 fishermen and locals living near Fukushima will file a lawsuit this week seeking to stop the release of wastewater from the stricken Japanese nuclear plant, they said yesterday.

Twelve years after one of the world's worst nuclear accidents, on Aug. 24 Japan began releasing treated cooling water from the facility into the Pacific Ocean.

Fukushima nuclear plant begins releasing treated radioactive wastewater into sea

The tsunami-wrecked Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant 's operator says it began releasing its first batch of treated radioactive water into the Pacific Ocean on Thursday — a controversial step, but a milestone for Japan's battle with the growing radioactive water stockpile.

Panel to suggest ending Japan’s controversial ‘trainee’ scheme

A Japanese government panel is set to recommend the closure of a controversial vocational training scheme for young people from developing countries, an immigration official said yesterday.

The country's "technical intern" program was launched three decades ago and has long been criticised by campaigners as a hotbed of abuse and discrimination.