Ministry of Agriculture

Crops and Carcinogens: Kosovo’s Market for Unsafe, Illegal Pesticides

The bloc's Chemical Agency had classified the fungicide as a carcinogen, meaning it causes cancer, and ruled it unsafe for use.

Three years later, in Kosovo, seven euros will buy a farmer enough Daconil for 10 litres of irrigation water, according to the findings of a BIRN investigation, even though the country removed it from its list of approved pesticides.

Podgoršek attends meeting of agriculture ministers in Poland

Krakow – Agriculture Minister Jože Podgoršek was invited by his Polish counterpart Grzegorz Puda to attend a meeting of agriculture ministers within the Three Seas Initiative. The ministers discussed securing feed protein production in the EU and the transition to a green and digital agricultural economy.

Drastic decline in number of bumblebees in Slovenia

Ljubljana – The first monitoring of wild bees in 2021 did not yield encouraging results, with the bumblebees count dropping five-fold compared to last year. “This is bad news for both agriculture and nature, as bumblebees are among the most important pollinators,” the National Institute of Biology (NIB) said on Monday.

Grain Harvest in Bulgaria is at a Five-Year High, and Prices are Rising

Wheat is 32% more expensive, and for sunflowers the annual increase is 35%. Maize prices the most - by 42%

The wheat harvest in Bulgaria is increasing by over 50% this year compared to 2020, crossing the limit of 7.1 million tons of production. This is the best level for the last five years.

Turkey to modernize irrigation system, farming to save water

Turkey is aiming to modernize its irrigation systems and agriculture in line with the country's water policy, said the country's forestry and agriculture minister on Sept. 14. 

Water use in agriculture is being rearranged in order to reduce the negative effects of climate change and drought, a statement from the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry quoted Bekir Pakdemirli as saying.

Coffee, tea and spice imports down by nearly 9 pct in Q1

The value of coffee, tea (including mate) and spice imports has dropped by nearly 9 pct in the first three months of 2021, compared to the similar period of 2020, down to 57.36 million euro, according to the commercial balance with food products, consulted by AGERPRES. Last year, in the first quarter, the value of imports of such products exceeded 62.8 million euro.