National Security Council

Crime footage shown; Vučić: We're done with this gang, the others - you're done VIDEO

Vui addressed the nation after the session of the National Security Council, which lasted for three hours and had several points.
The first point is Kosovo, the second vaccines and the fight against the COVID-19. As he stated, the third item on the agenda was the fight against organized crime.

What the US can learn from Greece on populism, US-China relations, and Biden’s foreign policy architecture

William Antholis joins The Greek Current podcast to explore the lessons the US can take from Greece's experience with populism, the US-China relationship and China's foothold in the Mediterranean with its investment in the port of Piraeus, and Biden's foreign policy architecture.

Turkey to continue protecting rights in E Med: National Security Council

Turkey will continue to decisively protect its rights in the Eastern Mediterranean, Aegean and Cyprus, the country's National Security Council declared on Jan. 28. 

Underlining that these rights arise from international law, the council said in a statement that Turkey condemned rising terror attacks in Africa, including Somalia, as well as various other regions.

Turkey’s attempted ‘reset’ with the US, Brett McGurk and Syria, and political uncertainty in Ankara

Journalist Amberin Zaman analyzes Turkey's latest attempts at a diplomatic "reset" with the United States, and discusses what is in store for the US-Turkey relationship as the new Biden administration takes over. We also take a look at Syria, and whether the appointment of Brett McGurk to the National Security Council will cause more friction in US-Turkish relations.