First time together sending a message: "The president cares more about himself" VIDEO

Harris and Biden participated together in a pre-election rally at a high school in Wilmington, in his home state of Delaware.
They held a virtual session of the city council at the hotel from which Biden launched his campaign for the 1972 Senate election.

The first African-American candidate for vice president - Trump reacted immediately

She was nominated by Democratic Party presidential candidate Joe Biden as a candidate for vice president of the United States.
She is the fourth woman to face party's candidacy. The previous three lost their race, two as vice presidential candidates, and Hillary Clinton as Donald Trump's rival.

Freezing listings of minority packages on capital market goes against Romania's interests

The legislative initiative that forbids for 2 years the listing of state companies restricts the state's capacity to optimally utilize capital markets to finance costs and investments, shows a release of the Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB).

Senate rejects bill providing for 90 percent tax on special pensions

The Senate plenary rejected on Wednesday the bill initiated by the lawmakers of the Save Romania Union (USR), providing for a 90 percent tax on special pensions. "The USR has been trying to fully abolish special pensions since 2016, but our efforts have been to no avail because of the hypocrisy of the parliamentary parties.

LabMin Alexandru: At pension houses, people will sit down, not stand, at the counter

Pensioners will not curl their backs at pension houses in Bucharest, because I understand to treat them with respect and for them I will take the number of recalculation dossiers to zero, said, on Tuesday, Labour Minister, Violeta Alexandru, at the debate of the simple motion against her in the Senate.

IntMin Vela: Measures during pandemic of novel coronavirus, although restrictive, are correct

All the measures in the period of the novel coronavirus pandemic, although restrictive, were correct and were taken to protect the health of the population, said, on Tuesday, the Minister of Internal Affairs, Marcel Vela, at the debate of the simple motion against him submitted to the Senate.

Debate on simple motion against Int Min Vela has begun in the Senate

The debate on the simple motion entitled "Romanian democracy adrift. With a broken sail, in a time of pandemic", tabled by the Social Democrats against the Minister of the Interior, Marcel Vela, began on Tuesday in the Senate plenary. (for the word "sale" used in the motion's title, the name correspondent in Romanian is vela, which is also the same with the minister's name, Vela, ed.

Czech resolution on 1919 events ‘null and void,’ says Foreign Ministry

A resolution of the Senate of the Czech Republic adopted on May 20 concerning the events of 1915 indicates that the "twisted mentality built on the one-sided baseless discourses which damaged" the relations of the two countries in 2017 is still effective in the Czech Republic, said the Turkish Foreign Ministry.