Supreme Court

Energa, Hellas Power executives to stand trial after court rejects appeal

Nineteen Energa and Hellas Power executives were expected to stand trial in connection to a case of money laundering, embezzlement and breach of faith on the part of the two private electricity providers, after the Supreme Court rejected an appeal by the defendants.

Though Haşim Kılıç counted on the Supreme Court judges…

Head of the Constitutional Court Haşim Kılıç said, “I have known our colleagues in the Supreme Court of Appeals [Yargıtay] for years. They have been conducting their duties successfully. They are equipped, informed and experienced … It is a qualified and meticulous team, in good command of incidents.”

Ministry reverses judges' wage and pension cuts

The Finance Ministry on Tuesday submitted to Parliament an amendment abolishing cuts to judges’ salaries and pensions that have been enforced since August 2012 as part of troika-imposed reforms.

The move came a day after a court ruled that retroactive cuts imposed on the pensions of judicial officials were unconstitutional.

High court rules for retrial of Fenerbahçe chairman Yıldırım in match-fixing case

The 13th Istanbul High Criminal Court ruled June 23 for the retrial of several convicted suspects, including Fenerbahçe’s outspoken chairman Aziz Yıldırım, in the match-fixing case that had shaken the country’s football scene.

Laid off cleaners protest at ruling party HQ

Laid off cleaning staff from the Finance Ministry staged a protest Thursday outside the headquarters of Greek coalition leaders New Democracy on Syngrou Avenue in Athens.

Protesters, who had tied nooses around their necks in a symbolic gesture, shouted slogans against their dismissal and briefly blocked the entrance to the offices of the conservative party.