SYRIZA party

Controversy erupts over prosecutor’s recommendation in Kolonos pimping case

A prosecutor's recommendations for the chief suspect in the case of an Athens girl, who was sexually abused and forced into prostitution when she was 12 years old, spurred tension in Parliament on Thursday, as a protest rally was planned to take place in the city center.

SYRIZA decides against inner party elections

The inner party thriller in the main opposition SYRIZA party concluded on Sunday noon, with the Congress deciding not to go to leadership elections. "We are not heading to elections-the masks have fallen," declared the party leader Stefanos Kasselakis. An unprecedented toxic party congress preceded that, marked by crowd uproar and political back-and forth.

Greek Consumers Flock to Bulgaria for Affordable Goods Amid Soaring Prices

Increasingly, Greeks are turning to Bulgaria for affordable goods as rising prices in their home country prompt cross-border shopping. The opposition Syriza party has criticized the Greek government, alleging a failure to implement effective measures against the surging cost of living.

New Left is getting organized

New Left, the party created out of a split in the main opposition SYRIZA party, will hold an organizing meeting on January 12-13.

The meeting, to be held in Athens, will draw up a founding declaration and prepare a conference, to be held in late February, where the party's governing bodies will presumably be elected.