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Mitsotakis, Zerefos discuss climate change proposal ahead of UN climate summit

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis met today with Professor of Atmospheric Physics and climatology Christos Zerefos to discuss, ahead of the UN Climate Change Summit,  aspects of the impact of the climate crisis on the environment and on Greece's cultural heritage.

Yesterday Was the International Literacy Day, nearly 1 Billion People in the World Can't Read and Write

Yesterday was the International Literacy Day. It was proclaimed by the United Nations on October 17, 1965 and first celebrated in 1966. Its purpose is to promote and enhance community action to educate the needy.

Praid salt mine sees over half a million visitors year-to-date

More than half a million people have descended into the Praid salt mine - Harghita County, since the beginning of the year, with visitor numbers on the rise from the previous year, salt mine director Zoltán Seprődi told AGERPRES on Monday. Specifically, 523,129 visitors entered the mine between January - August this year, with monthly numbers ticking up from a year ago, except for March.

An earthquake hit Serbia today: Epicenter 700 meters from Monastery Djurdjevi stupovi

The epicenter of the earthquake was three kilometers north of Novi Pazar in the direction of Golija, or about 700 meters from the medieval monastery Djurdjevi stupovi, the endowment of Stefan Nemanja from the 12th century, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Thousands of tourists revel in music and dance at ProEtnica intercultural festival

The 17th ProEtnica intercultural festival staged in the medieval citadel of Sighisoara between August 21 and 25 was an occasion for the thousands of tourists there to sing, dance and revel in the lively and colorful atmosphere created by the performances put up by the representatives of all of Romania's recognized ethnic minorities during the largest intercultural event in the country.

Romsilva, WWF Danube Carpathian Romania enter agreement to promote responsible forest management

Romania's National Forest Management Corporation Romsilva and the WWF Danube Carpathian Programme Romania (WWF-DCP) have signed a new co-operation agreement that aims to support each other in order to promote responsible forest management, according to a press statement released on Monday.