Antonia Nita

Dr. Rafila: Way of reporting COVID-19 cases makes any data manipulation impossible

Doctor Alexandru Rafila, the chairman of the Romanian Microbiology Society and representative of Romania in the World Health Organization (WHO), stated, on Monday evening, referring to some recent political statements regarding the manipulation by the Government of the data referring to COVID-19 cases recorded in our country, that the way in which this data is collected make "any manipulation p

Health Minister: COVID-support hospitals to return to pre-outbreak activity, pandemic controllable at this moment

Health Minister Nelu Tataru said that as the coronavirus pandemic is controllable at this moment, the COVID-support hospitals will resume their pre-outbreak activity once the number of patients lessens and after the public health directorates conduct an analysis of the situation. "The pandemic is controllable at the moment, but thanks to our cooperation with the population.

IntMin Vela says Covid-19 disinformation campaigns funded, can lead to economic destabilisation

Interior Minister Marcel Vela said on Monday evening that disinformation published online denying the existence of the novel coronavirus is part of a financed campaign that can lead to economic destabilisation. "The information war, if you will, has several purposes or several substrates. One of them is that of destabilisation, distrust, chaos, and challenging the authorities.

MAE announces the repatriation of 125 Romanians who were aboard several cruise ships

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) announced on Sunday the return to the country of 125 Romanian citizens who were on cruise ships abroad. In a press release sent on Sunday to AGERPRES, MAE informs that, on Saturday evening, 45 Romanian citizens and a citizen of the Kingdom of Thailand, a family member of a Romanian citizen, returned to the country.

PM Orban: Pensions, to increase depending on real possibilities

The government has as priority the payment of pensions and salaries and will increase the pensions, but only after a very serious analysis, depending on the real possibilities, so as to have the guarantee that they can be paid, Prime Minister Ludovic Orban stated on Wednesday night at the private broadcaster Realitatea Plus.

Government to grant up to 30pct of gross salary to companies that employ jobseekers

The government will grant up to 30pct of the gross salary to companies that will hire people looking for work, Prime minister Ludovic Orban announced on Wednesday evening. "We will give up to 30pct of the gross salary to companies that will hire jobseekers, that will provide jobs to Romanian citizens who are looking for a job, for a period of at least three months.

PM Orban: Romania, a democracy, restrictive measures time-limited and only for Romanians' health

Prime Minister Ludovic Orban said on Monday evening on private broadcaster B1 TV that Romania is a democracy, and the restriction of citizens' rights in the state of emergency took place in accordance with the law, only for a limited period of time, being meant to defend the health and life of each Romanian.