Armin Papperger

EU Grants Rheinmetall Over 130 Million Euros for Ammunition Production Expansion

German arms manufacturer Rheinmetall has secured a substantial financial boost from the European Union, receiving over 130 million euros to enhance its ammunition production capabilities. The funding is earmarked for the production of 155 mm ammunition and gunpowder, with projects set to take place in Germany, Hungary, Romania, and Spain.

Europe Needs 10 Years to Fortify Defense Readiness

Armin Papperger, CEO of the renowned German arms company "Rheinmetall," issued a stark warning, asserting that Europe requires a decade to achieve full readiness to defend itself. Citing concerns over depleted weapons depots and the redirection of ammunition to Ukraine, Papperger's remarks echo a growing sense of urgency in the face of evolving geopolitical tensions.