Borislav Sarafov

Bulgaria's Denkov Engaged in Diplomatic Talks with EU, Ukrainian, US, and British Ambassadors

In a strategic move aimed at reinforcing Bulgaria's commitment to its European aspirations and tackling corruption, outgoing Prime Minister Nikolai Denkov held a crucial meeting with EU, Ukrainian, US, and British ambassadors.

Outgoing Bulgarian PM Raises Concerns Over Alleged Prosecutor Misconduct

The outgoing Prime Minister of Bulgaria, Nikolai Denkov, has raised concerns over alleged misconduct by acting Prosecutor General Borislav Sarafov, prompting further investigation into the matter. Denkov's actions come in response to reports of psychological pressure exerted on Zhivko Kotsev, Chief Secretary of the Ministry of Interior, leading to his potential resignation.

Bulgarian Families Affected By Car Accidents Protest Again In Sofia

A protest by families who have lost their children in accidents is taking place in Sofia today. At 8:30, they closed the intersection of "Alabin" Street and "Vitosha" Boulevard, right next to the Courthouse. The participants have requests for fairness and increased road regulation.