Erdoğan says gov't prioritizes employment, production

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan reaffirmed his administration's commitment to prioritizing employment and production within Türkiye's economy, even amid a backdrop of regional challenges.

"We can never ignore the problems our people face in their daily lives... Inflation, which is the scourge of the world, also hurts us," Erdoğan stated during a rally in Balıkesir on Feb. 23.

Are Turkey and Egypt turning a ‘new leaf’ in their relations?

Expert Constantinos Filis, the Director of the Institute of Global Affairs and an associate professor of international relations at the American College of Greece, joins Thanos Davelis to discuss Erdogan's latest visit to Egypt, whether Cairo is really ready to mend fences, and what these developments mean for the broader region.

Senator Van Hollen and Turkey’s F-16s

Senator Chris Van Hollen, an important voice of the Democratic caucus in the upper chamber of Congress, announced a few days ago that he will not aim to block the sale of F-16s to Turkey after the latter has ceased its incursions into Greek airspace, and, maybe more importantly, the Biden administration gave him assurances that it will continue to monitor this matter closely.

The lessons from Erdogan’s handling of Sweden’s NATO bid

Henri Barkey, the Cohen Professor of International Relations at Lehigh University and Adjunct Senior Fellow for Middle East Studies at the Council on Foreign Relations, joins Thanos Davelis to discuss the vote on Sweden in Turkey's Parliament and look at the lessons US policymakers should walk away with from Erdogan's handling of Sweden's NATO accession.

New MİT exhibition celebrates agency’s 97 years

In celebration of the 97th anniversary of the National Intelligence Organization (MİT), the "Temas Istanbul" exhibition has opened its doors at the Ataturk Cultural Center (AKM) on Jan. 19, in which a collection of unique listening and surveillance objects such as shoes, watches, ties, and scales can be found.

Why Erdogan should not be rewarded with a White House visit

About a week ago Secretary of State Antony Blinken traveled to Turkey, where he met with Turkish President Erdogan. Diplomatic sources said Blinken arrived bearing potential gifts to entice Turkey to wrap up the issue of Sweden's NATO membership. These included everything from new ways to provide F-16s to Turkey to a White House visit for Turkish President Erdogan.

Arms diplomacy in the crossfire: The geopolitical chessboard of F-16s, F-35s, and Sweden’s NATO bid 

Since President Erdogan agreed in principle to enlargement at the NATO summit in Vilnius last July, we have witnessed a political back-and-forth on the Swedish issue reminiscent of the hustle and bustle of an oriental bazaar.