George Coman

Nagy-Bege (ANRE): Gov't's measures cover almost all electricity consumers, half natural gas consumers

The mechanism for compensating household energy bills announced by the government covers almost all electricity consumers nationwide and over half of the natural gas consumers, the vice-president of the National Regulatory Authority in the Energy Area (ANRE), Zoltan Nagy-Bege, said on Wednesday.

Raiffeisen Bank, 100K RON fine for illegal interest rate manipulation

The National Authority for Consumer Protection (ANPC) has issued a fine to Raiffeisen Bank worth 100,000 RON (rd 20,280 euro) for incorrect commercial practices and decided to suspend the bank's activity regarding this behaviour, the first time such a measure was applied n Romania, as well as ordered it to return the illegally cashed commissions from customers, the ANPC informs.

CNS "Cartel Alfa" announces start of street actions against "abberant measures" of Gov't

The members of the Confederal Committee of the National Trade Union Confederation (CNS) "Cartel ALFA" have decided to start street activities against the Government and its aberrant measures, according to a release sent on Tuesday by the trade union organization.

FIHR head: Mandating Covid digital certificate at hotel check-in, inevitable if 4th wave gains steam

The authorities' mandating the check of the Covid digital certificate at hotel reception desks will be inevitable if the 4th pandemic wave escalates, the president of the Romanian Hotel Industry Federation (FIHR) Calin Ile told AGERPRES on Thursday.

Road hauliers' employers' associations voice dissatisfaction with ANAF's taxing drivers' daily allowances

The Romanian government, through the National Tax Administration Authority (ANAF), aims to destroy Romanian international road transport companies by taxing the drivers' daily subsistence allowances, the President of the Road Hauliers' Employers' Associations (APTE 2002 ), Dorin Jurjut told a press conference on Thursday.

FSLI requests PM Citu to present Government draft of modernizing education system

The Federation of Free Education Unions (FSLI) is requesting the PM Florin Citu to explain to the public opinion what is the Government's draft of modernizing the education system, in the context in which the PM recently said that the Executive will no longer invest in education without the guarantee of achieving results, according to a press release sent by the union organization on Friday.

Industrial production up by 16.9 pct during first five months of 2021

Industrial production went up by 16.9% as gross series and by 17.5% as series adjusted for business days and seasonality during the first 5 months of the year, compared with the similar period of 2020, according to a press release sent by the National Institute of Statistics (INS) to AGEPRES on Tuesday.