George Floyd

Is social justice for the birds? Audubon attempts an answer

On the same day George Floyd was murdered by a police officer on a Minneapolis street - Memorial Day, 2020 - Christian Cooper was searching for songbirds in New York City's Central Park. Cooper, who is Black, would be vaulted to fame after a run-in with a white woman who called police and falsely claimed he was threatening her when he asked her to leash her dog.

Jury set to get case of 3 officers charged in Floyd killing

The jury hearing the case against three former Minneapolis police officers charged with violating George Floyd's civil rights needs only to get instructions from the judge before starting deliberations Wednesday.

Prosecutors and defense attorneys spent a full day Tuesday in closing arguments that recapped a month of testimony and sought to sway the jury toward their view of the case.

New York City Hall is Removing a Statue of Thomas Jefferson due to his Slaveholding Past

The New York City Hall yesterday approved the removal of the statue of Thomas Jefferson, one of the founding fathers of the United States, placed in the boardroom more than a century ago because of the slave-owning past of politics, AFP reported, quoted by BTA.

Roma in Kosovo Protest for Investigation of ‘Czech Floyd’ Death

Holding banners with slogans like "We are Tomas", "How many weren't filmed?" and "I can't breathe", protesters marched from Pristina city centre to the Czech Embassy where they called on the Prague authorities to investigate the death last month of Stanislav Tomas, a Czech Roma man.