Ion Caramitru

PM Citu:Renaming TNB's Great Hall into"Ion Caramitru" Hall, symbol of gratitude for actor's cultural activity

Prime Minister Florin Citu declared on Thursday that renaming the Great Hall of the Bucharest National Theater (TNB) into the "Ion Caramitru" Hall represents a small gesture, but it is a symbol of gratitude for all the actor accomplished during his cultural activity. "I was thinking, we all met master Ion Caramitru as an actor, in movies or on the stage of the National Theater.

Actor Ion Caramitru to be laid to rest today at Bellu Cemetery

Actor Ion Caramitru will be laid to rest today on the Actors Alley of the Bucharest Bellu Cemetery. On the way from the Visarion Church to the cemetery, the funeral procession will stop around noon in front of the "I.L. Caragiale" National Theater, where he served as manager over the past 16 years, for a final farewell.

Dorel Visan: We, artists, are not tools to make others laugh, we do apostolate

Actor Dorel Visan declared, on Wednesday, in northeastern Iasi in the opening conference of the Romanian Film Evenings Festival (SFR), an event in its twelfth edition, that artists are not instruments and that they must not forget that no effort is too much for art. "The effort for art is never too great. That's what the artists forgot, I'm sorry.

TNB's Caramitru: 14 May, first day of shows, we reopen with four theatre halls simultaneously

The I. L. Caragiale National Theater in Bucharest will reopen on 14 May, with performances in four halls at the same time, the institution's manager, actor Ion Caramitru said. "The National Theater reopens in two ways: first, starting from the pilot-programme initiated by the Ministry of Culture.

Israeli Ambassador in Bucharest: Success of extremist party in Parliament should not be ignored

The success in Parliament of a party with extremist views, with some of its members denying the Holocaust, should not be ignored, said on Thursday, the Israeli Ambassador in Bucharest, David Saranga, who voiced his hope that the first candle lit on the occasion of the Hanukkah holiday will drive away the hatred between people and be one of hope and peace.

People are turning back to books, Mircea Dinescu says in opening of 2019 Gaudeamus Fair

Writer and honorary president of the Gaudeamus Book Fair Mircea Dinescu believes that people are turning back to books, remarking that the excitement of an author who stands in the middle of so many reading lovers is amazing. "I let myself carried away. I accepted this title. I don't know how important it is, but the excitement of being in the middle of so many people who read ...

Iohannis: I'm with artists protesting drastic cuts of culture institutions' budgets countrywide

President Klaus Iohannis on Sunday said he is with the artists protesting the "drastic cuts of the culture institutions' budgets", adding that this field reached "last" of the fields. "Instead of enjoying this priceless resource, we are called to defend the Romanian culture from bankruptcy.

National Culture Day: Festive session attended by President Iohannis, exhibitions, concerts, film screenings

A festive session organised at the Romanian Athenaeum in the presence of President Klaus Iohannis, exhibition mountings, concerts, film screenings, workshops dedicated to children or guided tours are only a few of the events dedicated to the National Culture Day, as scheduled to unfold on Tuesday in Bucharest.