Armenian church holds holy mass after nearly century hiatus

The Akdamar Church, a 1,100-year-old Armenian church in Turkey's eastern Van province, hosted its ninth special mass on Sept. 5 since reopening in 2010 after a hiatus of 95 years.


A limited number of people were taken to the island by boat to attend the ceremony due to the ongoing pandemic.

Opposition may have single or multiple presidential candidates: CHP leader

The opposition block, dubbed the Nation Alliance, will decide altogether how to run in the next presidential elections, the main opposition leader has said, informing that they can either agree on a single name or multiple nominees for the post of the head of the nation.


Mass Exodus from Afghanistan Sparks New Migrant Crisis in Europe

When foreign policy expert Kemal Kirişci warned of "a mass exodus of refugees fleeing Afghanistan could spark another migration crisis" in April, his research received little attention.

Now, as the Taliban completes a rapid takeover of the country following the US and NATO decision to withdraw, his predictions may have already started to materialise.