Mike Pompeo

Former Secretary Mike Pompeo’s book offers new look into dealings with Turkey, Greece

Lena Argiri, the DC Correspondent for Greece's state broadcaster ERT joins Thanos Davelis to break down former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo's latest revelations in his new book, "Never Give An Inch," from his dealings with Turkey and President Erdogan to US relations with Greece. 

Mike Pompeo called for the Extraction of Shale Gas in Bulgaria which is "Cleaner than Russian"

"Fracking technologies for extracting shale gas are much cleaner than Russian natural gas. Don't allow a handful of ill-informed activists who use arguments not based on facts to destroy your future," former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said today in Sofia, quoted by BTA.

Pompeo will Visit Bulgaria

Former Secretary of State of the United States Mike Pompeo will arrive in Sofia to deliver a special lecture.

The American politician and diplomat will speak about the geopolitical importance of Bulgaria at the invitation of the Confederation of Employers and Industrialists.