Mustafa Varank

Turkey in Europe's top 5 wind turbine equipment makers

Turkey ranks among the top five countries in Europe with its large-scale production plants for wind turbine equipment, the country's industry and technology minister said on Nov. 25.

Turkey hopes to make its domestic industry more competitive in producing both onshore and offshore wind turbine equipment, Mustafa Varank said at a virtual session of the Turkish Wind Energy Congress.

Real sector recovery speeding up: Minister

Turkey's real sector has been recovering at an accelerated pace in June, with electricity consumption rising 31% in the first half of the month compared to May, the industry and technology minister said on June 17. 

"In the first two weeks of this month, electricity consumption in the industry has now surpassed that of April and May," noted Mustafa Varank.

Brazil receives 650 Turkish respirators amid COVID-19

A shipment of 650 domestically produced respirators from Turkey arrived in the Brazilian city of Sao Paulo on June 7 amid the coronavirus outbreak.

Turkish Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank shared a video of their delivery on Twitter.

He said Turkish intensive care unit respirators have become 'the breath of the world.'

Turkey exports more than 1,000 mechanical ventilators

Turkey has exported more than 1,000 mechanical ventilators crucial in treating COVID-19 so far, the country's industry and technology minister said on May 27.

Addressing a meeting of a local trade chamber via a video link, Mustafa Varank said Turkey is also carrying out apace innovative projects for diagnostic kits and systems that will make a name for the country worldwide.

Ankara to prepare foreign direct investment strategy

Turkey on May 22 announced plans for a foreign direct investment strategy aiming to benefit from the conditions following the novel coronavirus pandemic.

Technology and Industry Minister Mustafa Varank told businesses in a virtual conference that as power balances shifted, the world would likely transition from a unipolar order to a multipolar one.