Turkey begins Phase 3 trials of homegrown COVID vaccine

Turkey began administering its national coronavirus vaccine candidate to volunteers on Aug. 25 in the Central Anatolian province of Kayseri as part of Phase 3 studies.


The inactivated Turkovac vaccine candidate was jointly developed by the Health Ministry, Health Institutes of Turkey, and Erciyes University (ERU).

Experts concerned about consuming fish from Marmara Sea

Experts are concerned about the consumption of fish coming from the Marmara Sea, which has been covered with a thick, foamy layer of marine mucilage since April, daily Milliyet has reported.


When asked if people could freely eat fish coming from the Marmara Sea, most experts and scientists hesitated to give a direct answer with a "Yes."

'Aquarium of Saros' draws attention of diving enthusiasts

The Port of İbrice, called the "aquarium" of the Gulf of Saros in northwestern Turkey, welcomes local and foreign diving enthusiasts.

Diver candidates, accompanied by instructors, dive into artificial reefs where the Dardanelles battles were revived and the area where the Airbus A330 passenger plane was located.