Son hits bullseye with scratch card father threw into wastebasket

A man in the Black Sea province of Tokat has won 200,000 Turkish Liras ($21,920) from a scratch card that his father had thrown into the wastebasket, thinking that there was no lottery prize.
"I don't know why I did it, but I felt it in my bones to check the wastebasket and look at the scratch card once again," Mustafa Aydınoğlu, 24-year-old son, told the Demirören News Agency.

Turkish film wins in Venice

Turkish director Murat Çeri's debut film "Bir Düş Gördüm" (In My Dream) won the Best Director award, known as the Agrippa Award, at the 4th First Hermenitic International Film Festival held in Venice. The film has also won many awards in many international festivals.