Ramush Haradinaj

Rama finally commented on Haradinaj's resignation

He stated that Haradinaj's move is politically and tactically sound and a normal thing to do under the circumstances.
As Pristina's Gazette reports, Rama hadn't commented on Haradinaj's resignation on his own but was forced to respond to a question he got from journalist, focusing in his answer to "linking his role in the so-called KLA with Haradinaj's indictment".

Vucic: Haradinaj? A real gentleman

Ramush Haradinaj, who resigned last Friday from the PM's post, as a result of being summoned by the Special Court in the Hague as a suspect for war crimes on Kosovo, departed to the Hague on Wednesday, to return late last night to Pristina. "He is a real gentleman", Aleksandar Vucic said for TV Prva.

Moscow Carnegie Center: Serbs ready to sign any deal on Kosovo

Kosovo Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj's trip to the Hague, on the other hand, does not promise quick progress in resolving the Kosovo issue. Serbian leadership, having learned from past experience, has skeptically accepted the news and believes that his Hague departure is yet another trick performed by the West to force Belgrade to make fresh concessions, the Carnegie Moscow Center stated.