Rositsa Mateva

Elections in Bulgaria: Around 5,900 Polling Stations will Vote by Machine on Sunday

As Bulgaria gears up for the crucial second round of local elections on Sunday, an estimated 5,900 polling stations are poised to introduce machine voting. The Central Elections Commission (CEC) has been working diligently to ensure the successful implementation of this technology, with discussions and collaborations involving multiple institutions.

Local Elections in Bulgaria: Voter Turnout as of 11:00 am is at 12.3%

Voter turnout for the whole country as of 11:00 am is at 12.3%, Central Election Commission Spokesperson Rositsa Mateva said at a briefing Saturday at 11:30 am. 

The lowest turnout is registered in Plovdiv - 7.25%, and the highest in Bolyarovo Municipality (Southeastern Bulgaria) - 33.94%.

Bulgaria: The Central Election Commission will announce the Final Results on April 6

The Central Election Commission (CEC) will announce the final results of the parliamentary elections on April 6, CEC spokeswoman Rositsa Mateva told BTA.

So far, summary data has been announced on the CEC results website, Mateva emphasized, not final. The commission found that the data from 11 protocols from abroad were not added to them.

Bulgaria: CEC will Announce the Results of the Presidential Election Today

By the end of the day, the Central Election Commission must announce the final results of the presidential and vice-presidential elections. Its decision for a run-off on November 21 is also expected. The CEC continues to accept the documentation from the district election commissions.

Bulgarian Elections: How to Vote 2 in 1 on November 14

In the parliamentary and presidential elections on November 14, one vote will be cast with one card, but in most of the sections where the voting is by machine, the devices will probably be not one, but two. This is being discussed in the Central Election Commission, but there is no final decision yet, it became clear from the words of its spokesperson Rositsa Mateva today.

2,000 more Machines will be Needed in a 2-in-1 Election

For the organization of the two votes separately from each other, there should be at least two weeks between them, says Rositsa Mateva from the CEC

"2-in-1 elections can be organized technically. This is not the first time such a thing has happened. However, more voting machines will have to be bought and the CEC is discussing this."