Bulgarians Can Vote in 60 Countries on June 9

The Central Election Commission (CEC) provided a briefing on the preparation and organization of the 2-1 elections scheduled for June 9.

"Until Saturday, May 25, voters who have a registered current address in another populated place in the country and want to vote in the elections on June 9 at this current address can submit an application to the municipal administration. Until May 25, the deadline for submitting applications for voting with a mobile box, which allows citizens to be served by a mobile CEC," stated Rositsa Mateva, deputy chairperson of the CEC.

Voting will be conducted in 60 countries, with 769 Sectional Election Commissions abroad. Out of these, 389 commissions will handle votes for both the European Parliament and the National Assembly. Consultations with parties for the composition of the Central Election Commission abroad will begin tomorrow, and one member must represent the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Six observers have been registered.

"Following the decision of the Administrative Court in Sofia, the CEC decided not to appeal and yesterday made a decision to renew the media packages. Parties and coalitions without subsidies will receive a package for each of the two types of elections," added Mateva.

The CEC also noted that for the partial local elections on June 23, parties and coalitions must submit documents to the municipal administrations. The CEC strongly objects to any suggestion that it hinders the verification of candidates' affiliations with State Security (DS). Anyone can check the candidates for people's representatives, as well as the parties and coalitions that nominated them. Data for all registered candidates are available in the file committee, with 147 of the candidates born...

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