Why are Greek pharmacies running out of basic medicines

Drug shortages bring despair to pharmacists and patients every day, with over 400 essential medicines missing from the market, leaving patients unable to meet pressing needs. The missing drugs concern chronic conditions such as diabetes, epilepsy, mental illnesses, while some categories of drugs that are in short supply are anticoagulants, painkillers, antibiotics, etc.

"We are investing in a future member of the EU"

"When we rebuild Ukraine, it will be carried out in accordance with the goal of Ukraine's entry into the EU," Scholz said at the opening of the German-Ukrainian economic forum in Berlin.
In his opinion, the traffic infrastructure as well as the transport sector must be renewed so that it will enable a smooth connection to the EU infrastructure.

After 25 hours in session, Report on the negotiation process with Pristina adopted

After 25 hours of the session on Kosovo and Metohija - Report on the negotiation process with Pristina was adopted.
The session lasted more than 14 hours and the Report on the negotiation process with Pristina was adopted with 148 votes in favor, 57 against, 2 abstained (out of 207 MPs).

Thousands of civilians killed; A treaty important to the whole world; If it's true...

The United States has urged its citizens not to travel to Ukraine because of information that Russian forces have captured two American citizens. Zelensky met in Kyiv with Dritan Abazovic and Edi Rama.
Macron told Zelensky that Kyiv is obliged to negotiate with Moscow.