Simona Klodnischi StateSec Arafat: Drug use statistics point to ever-growing national market

Ministry of Internal Affairs Secretary of State Raed Arafat said at the beginning of debates of the EU Drugs Coordinators Meeting this Tuesday that statistical data on drug use and related crime points to an "ever-growing illicit national market".

Premier announces in Tulcea new program to revitalize fisheries sector

Attending on Monday in the eastern city of Tulcea the official opening of the Fish Trading Exchange, Premier Viorica Dancila also announced the launch of a new governmental program aimed at revitalizing the fisheries sector, supporting fisher families and encouraging product processing.

President Iohannis: April 8 will be a true celebration day when Roma empowerment yields expected fruits

President Klaus Iohannis sent a message on Monday on the occasion of the International Roma Day and of Romania marking Roma Ethnics Day, pointing out that this will be a true celebration day "when the economic, social and cultural empowerment of the Roma will yield the expected fruits." "On the occasion of Roma Ethnics Day, I give my salute to the members of the Roma community in our country.

Embassies of 12 states call on Bucharest authorities to avoid changes that would weaken rule of law

The embassies of twelve states that are Romania's international partners and allies, including France, the US and Germany, express concerns about the rule of law in Romania and call on all parties involved in drafting emergency government ordinances modifying justice sector laws "to avoid changes that would weaken the rule of law and Romania's ability to fight crime or corruption".

PSD Treasurer Mircea Draghici charged of embezzlement, use of subsidies for other purposes

Treasurer of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) Mircea Draghici was officially charged by the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) for embezzlement and using subsidies for purposes other than those they had been intended for, in a case dealing with the spending of the money received by the party as subsidies.

#AGERPRES130 Israel's ambassador David Saranga on National News Agency: Objective, professional coverage

Ambassador of Israel in Bucharest David Saranga says that in an era where information and the accuracy thereof are essential, the AGERPRES National News Agency has a very important role, because it informs "in an objective and professional manner". "It gives me great joy to congratulate AGERPRES on its 130th anniversary.

#AGERPRES130 Former football great Dorinel Munteanu: May you always highlight all the best

Former international football player Dorinel Munteanu told journalists of the AGERPRES National News Agency, in a message on the agency's 130th anniversary, to further preserve their objectivity and always highlight all the best.

Premier's advisor Valcov: Gov't wants OUG No. 114 changed as little as possible

Darius Valcov, advisor to the Premier, said on Sunday evening that the government would want to change Emergency Ordinance No. 114/2018 as little as possible, and that as far as the banking system is concerned, the principles of this regulatory act will not be given up.

Mass media conference in Bucharest, media digitalisation and independent journalism among the subjects discussed

Media digitalisation and the independence of media organisations were among the subjects approached at the conference on Modernizing Public Service Media through Innovation and Dialogue, organized March 4 - 5 in Bucharest with the support of the European Commission, at the initiative of the European Federation of Journalists (EFJ), in cooperation with the Culture and Media Federation FAIR-Media